Adam Fillipetti of Pioneer Malting on “Living Large in Small Batches”

By February 27, 2015Uncategorized

A guest posting on the Black Button Distilling blog:

Our primary reason for opening Pioneer Malting, Inc, was to offer “malt to order” batches for all of our now unique customers looking for something special. The ability to work with a smaller artisanal batch size allows us to customize our floor malting process in a manner which cannot be duplicated by large scale malt houses. The malt must pass through my hands at least a dozen times before it goes out the door. I truly monitor the grain up close and personal through every phase of the process.

This has led to an opportunity to help local craft distillers and brewers stand apart from the rest of the country by offering locally sourced product. Plain and simple, you just can’t duplicate it with large a scale process. This process also has bridged the gap between farmers and end users through a local product chain.

It’s difficult to explain the feeling when I stop by Black Button and sample a product where I personally know the ground that the grain was grown on, the farmers that planted and harvested it, personally malting the grain, and then get to enjoy the wonderful spirit that was created with it.

There is certainly something to be said about meeting our local customers and getting to know how important using product from our area means to them. You begin to understand how important local means to the community and how you can reach out and touch such a large group of people with a local artisanal product.

The craft movement in whole has allowed many of us to fulfill life-long ambitions, connect community through local products, and we are doing just that: “Living larger in small batches!”


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