Pioneer Malting at Brewers Fest

By September 12, 2015Uncategorized

Pioneer Malting recently participated in Brewers Fest in Rochester!

Here is what Rohrbach Brewing Co had to say:

We are very excited to bring Pioneer Malting, Inc. onto our Brewfest Vendor lineup.  This Rochester-based malthouse supplies Breweries and Distilleries with locally grown grains.

After joining forces with the brewers at Rohrbach Brewing Co, Pioneer Kölsch was born. First only brewed in Köln, Germany, the Kölsch is considered to be a hybrid beer. Though some may think of it as an ale due to the use of ale yeast, it is fermented at a lower temperature like a lager and can be lagered or conditioned for a long period of time, which helps make it crisp and dry.

Pioneer Kölsch is brewed completely with NYS 2-row pale barley malt and wheat malted by Pioneer Malting right here in Rochester. Light and crisp, the Kölsch is brewed with a small amount of wheat to give the beer more body, and hopped completely with NYS hops, making this an all-around local brew! Look for it at the Pioneer Malting table!


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